Our agency functions as “extended family” to support foster parents in nurturing their children.  One of our core foundations is the emphasis we place on the building of relationships with our families and the communities that will provide care, love and services to the children placed in our homes.

Overseen by a board of directors with extensive knowledge in business, social service, healthcare and volunteer work, Bossier KIDS is geared toward finding ways of growing in the future.  

2020 Volunteer Board of Directors

Penny Burks-Secretary

Paul Cressend-V Chair

Matt Hollis-Chair

Chance Nerren

Greg Vaughan-Treasurer



The Spivys copy.jpg

Bossier KIDS owns three five-bedroom homes in north Bossier City, where we have cared for over 375 children, resulting in 32 adoptions.  We certify families to foster in our agency-owned homes or in the foster parent's personal homes.

Pictured above is our veteran foster family Allen and Elaine Spivy. This precious family retired July 2020 after fostering with Bossier KIDS since 1986.  Bossier KIDS will be forever grateful to this family who gave their lives to care for the least of these.


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